Our new multi-talent in Bratislava

Our new multi-talent in Bratislava

Last year we were looking for some support for our location in Slovakia.
We found an energetic power woman who speaks fluent German, English, Russian, Slovakian and Czech.

As an academic, the 47-year-old has gained a lot of experience in the past years working for a Swiss company. Miroslava is also an enthusiastic sportswoman whose passion for nature and especially for mountains hiking seems to be inexhaustible. Now the hobby cook needs a new challenge!

Let's go! Welcome to the Flender team - glad you're here, Mirka!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Konjunkturelle Lage der Stahlindustrie in Deutschland im Oktober 2020 Photo by: Tom Browning

The current year 2020 will remain in our memories as a very challenging year. It will be remembered as a year that has influenced us all significantly. Good customs and interpersonal relationships were subject to unknown restrictions and were no longer natural.

These circumstances have forced many of us to reach to our social and human limits. For this reason, we would like express our grattitude and to say many thanks for your loyalty, trust and cooperation. Please look forward to the new year full of confidence. Our team wishes you a relaxed christmas time and a healthy and peaceful year 2021!

We will not let it get us down!

Das hat er sich verdient!

Dear customers, esteemed partners of Flender-Stahl Handelsgesellschaft,
these are special times and Covid-19 makes the world turn a little slower every day. The "big ones" on the steel market send their employees on an extended Easter holiday; Short-time work and temporary plant closures currently determine the economic situation. As you are used to from Flender-Stahl, we sometimes swim against the current in the mainstream!

We are here for you!
The team is complete.
The bearings are filled to the brim with all dimensions and grades.
Logistics and transport chains are not interrupted!
You can still count on us!

First of all, however, we wish you and your families a few peaceful Easter days. Take care and stay healthy,

Markus Flender and the entire team

He deserves it!

He deserves it!

After 42 years in the steel business, the senior boss has more than earned his retirement. The turbulence over the decades has made Wilhelm Flender more relaxed over time. "If you get nervous about a global economic crisis like the last one in 2009, you've already lost," says the savvy strategist.

The founder of the company will withdraw completely from day-to-day operations on March 1, 2020; However, as an important advisor, the team remains a reliable contact.

Bratislava gets reinforcement!

Bratislava gets reinforcement!

In 2017 the Slovakian success story of Flender-Stahl in Bratislava began.

It was Lucia Grachova, who did an excellent job in this Slovak office from the beginning, and now the time has come for another powerful reinforcement.

Mária Mačugová is currently completing the "training program" at the main location in the Sauerland region and will be there for Eastern European customers from July 1st in the Bratislava office.

The cheerful Mária was most recently employed by an American company and is therefore the perfect contact not only in her mother tongue, but also in English. The entire Flender team is happy about the new addition. Welcome, Mária!

New year - new CEO!

Flender grows – new office in Slovakia!

Flender-Stahl is a forward looking company, not based on coincidences. In terms of strategic company development, they can list a new shareholder. The 44-year old CEO, Korina Flath, shown her loyality to the company for 22 years now, became new shareholder with the beginning of 2019.

Thus Markus Flender underlines the over two decades of loyality of his closest colleague. “The female intuition in a market dominated by men is one of our strength. Korina is totally specialist in this league. Therefore I´m very satisfied to have her “completely on board” now!”

Flender grows – new office in Slovakia!

The proximity to our customers and reliability is the core responsibility of our daily business. So, we are glad to introduce our new office in East Europe. To be closer to our business partners in that area we opened an office in Bratislava in Slovakia. Our new teamer Ing. Lucia Grachová takes care of all your concerns in the countries Slovakia, Czechia, Poland, Hungary and Ukraine. Welcome in our team, Lucia!

Complement to executive board!

Since 1st July 2017 the current executive board gets amplification. For 20 years with Flender Stahl, Korina Flath will support Markus Flender with the management. With her many years of experience we are glad to set the course for the future of Flender Stahl.